At the Gordian Institute, we have the courage to ask hard questions, the respect to listen to a chorus of perspectives, the wisdom to find the truth and the competence to create enduring solutions. Our team formed to do collectively what we cannot individually—solve intractable problems.

It is our sense of duty to subsequent generations that brings us together; we are no longer willing to stand by as these problems pass to our children just because they are too big, too difficult or too uncomfortable to confront.

Our pledge is to always work in the right way with our best team to create the best solution for our shared future.


To provide a multi-dimensional, transformational framework for problem solving and leadership thinking that allows decision makers to challenge conventional thinking, dominant logic, and institutional norms in a way that has heretofore been unstructured.

As the world’s leading thought institute, Gordian will educate, inform, and co-create with clients to operationalize creativity and disruptive innovation by using the Gordian Dynamic Framework (GDF©) to leverage the competitive advantage of applied creative thinking .

We will continue to be the leading provider of multi-disciplinary creative decision support, theory and education.


To revolutionize problem solving in a complex world.

Informed, creative, applied decisions are the lifeblood of leadership.  Regardless of significance, every decision is a crossroad to the future.  Our multi-disciplined framework unfolds the future and connects decisions to their intended outcomes. We operationalize creative decisions to ensure competitive advantage.  We deliver an immersive experience that transforms the organizational culture and leaves in its wake better decision makers and better decision guidelines. Your future is too important to risk on old ideas, assumptions and processes. The Gordian Institute can help you understand the emerging landscape and to create by design your place in it.

Let the Gordian Institute help you win the future by:

  • Operationalizing applied creative thinking
  • Demonstrating how to attack intractable problems
  • Transforming/advancing your organizational culture
  • Educating the next generation of leaders