Gordian Fellows

The Gordian Institute has assembled an extensive wisdom network of human creative talent–thinkers, achievers, disrupters, dreamers, life-savers and explorers. Our members consist of writers, producers, directors and other creative arts professionals, political leaders, senior government officials, general officers, astronauts ,CEOs, authors, scientists, medical doctors, academic elites, analysts and researchers, designers and programmers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, social advocates and activists, ethicists, religious scholars and more. Recently, RL Leaders joined the Gordian Institute to become Gordian Leaders, LLC. RL Leaders formed at the request of the U.S. Government to meet a need identified by the 9-11 Commission to inject more creativity into national security thinking.  Gordian Leaders now builds on that solid foundation.  We inherit a record of 14 years of discrete and excellent work on some of the most sensitive challenges of our time. While our government clients have grown to include the whole of government, our focus remains fixed on imagining solutions, technologies and programs that will help our government deliver decisions, programs and policies that make our nation safer and stronger as we travel into an uncertain future.